Trinity Trigger - Day 1 Edition for PlayStation 5: A Must-Have RPG Adventure!

Introducing the Trinity Trigger - Day 1 Edition for PlayStation 5, a captivating video game that combines the nostalgia of classic RPGs with modern gameplay elements. This special edition includes a 100-page artbook, a 2-disc soundtrack, and the game in a custom box. Embark on a journey to master the Weapons of the Gods, solve puzzles, uncover hidden mysteries, and engage in thrilling battles by changing between eight weapon types on the fly. With a stellar customer rating and a promise of generational role-playing epic, Trinity Trigger is set to offer an exciting adventure for players of all ages.

Product Description

The Trinity Trigger - Day 1 Edition for PlayStation 5 is a must-have for any gamer looking for an immersive and thrilling role-playing experience. This special edition includes a 100-page softcover artbook and a 2-disc soundtrack, all packaged in a custom box, making it a collector's dream.

One of the standout features of Trinity Trigger is the ability to master the Weapons of the Gods. Players can solve puzzles and defeat enemies either alone or with friends in local co-op mode while exploring the dungeons of each Arma, which are towers constructed from the fallen weapons of the gods.

In this game, players will embark on a journey to uncover Trinitia's mysteries by exploring diverse biomes and interacting with townsfolk for clues. Hidden passages and heavily guarded secrets await in forests, deserts, snowfields, and more.

Combat in Trinity Trigger is dynamic and strategic, thanks to the Weapon Wheel system that allows players to switch between eight weapon types on the fly. Understanding each enemy's weakness is crucial for success in battles.

Overall, Trinity Trigger offers a generational role-playing experience that blends classic RPG elements with modern gameplay mechanics, making it an exciting adventure for players of all ages.

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Pros and Cons


  1. Nostalgic Gameplay: Trinity Trigger successfully captures the essence of classic RPG games from the SNES and Playstation era like the Mana series, Zelda, and Diablo. Players who enjoy retro-style RPGs will appreciate the nostalgic feel and gameplay mechanics reminiscent of those beloved titles.

  2. Engaging Storyline: The game offers an engaging storyline that keeps players immersed in the world of Trinity Trigger. Drawing inspiration from older JRPG games like Legend of Mana, the storyline is captivating and adds depth to the overall gaming experience.

  3. Multiplayer Mode: Trinity Trigger features a multiplayer mode that enhances the gameplay experience by allowing players to enjoy the game with friends. The multiplayer mode adds a social aspect to the game, making it more enjoyable for those who prefer playing with others.


  1. Frequent Crashes: Some players have reported experiencing frequent crashes while playing Trinity Trigger, especially during dungeon playthroughs. These unexpected crashes can be frustrating and may result in progress loss, impacting the overall gaming experience negatively.

  2. Limited Content: While the game offers around 45 hours of gameplay, some players may find the content to be somewhat limited compared to other RPG titles. Additional content or expansions could enhance the longevity of the game and provide more value to players.

  3. Technical Issues: Despite its engaging gameplay, Trinity Trigger has been criticized for technical issues such as occasional crashes and performance issues. Addressing these technical issues through updates could significantly improve the overall gaming experience for players.

Customer Reviews

The Trinity Trigger - Day 1 Edition for PlayStation 5 has received an impressive 4.6 out of 5 stars from 135 ratings on Amazon. Let's delve into what customers have to say about their experience with this game:

  • "Trinity Trigger doesn't do any one thing special, it just does everything well. The visuals are great and the characters portraits are very good." (5 stars)

  • "I got the game safely came with all kinds of cool stuff" (5 stars)

  • "My daughter, 15, really enjoyed the booklet that came with this. She loves anime and really enjoys playing this game." (4 stars)

  • "Remember when games were just fun? Didn’t have 100GB day 1 patches? Support good, fun games. This game is adorable. Good fun that recalls games like S..." (5 stars)

  • "I don't know why I thought this was a sequel to chono trigger 😆, but the game is still pretty good. It has that secret of mana feel to it. It has thre..." (5 stars)

  • "Trinity Trigger harkens back to my SNES/Playstation days of RPGs like the Mana series, Zelda, and Diablo. It’s easy to get in the groove and even more..." (5 stars)

  • "A lot of fun to play. I like the multiplayer. But it crashes a lot and I've lost a few while dungeon playthroughs from random crashes." (4 stars)

  • "It is a tribute to older generation of jrpg games like legend of mana. The story is also engaging." (5 stars)

  • "Great RPG - Awesome game. Highly recommend. Around 45 hrs long" (5 stars)


Trinity Trigger - Day 1 Edition for PlayStation 5 offers a comprehensive gaming experience with its Day 1 Edition perks, including a 100-page artbook and a 2-disc soundtrack. The game's focus on mastering the Weapons of the Gods in co-op mode adds an engaging element to gameplay, while exploring Trinitia's diverse biomes and uncovering its mysteries keeps players intrigued.

The ability to change weapons on the fly using the Weapon Wheel adds a strategic layer to battles, making every encounter unique. Trinity Trigger successfully blends classic RPG elements with modern gameplay mechanics, appealing to a wide range of players. The positive feedback from buyers highlights the game's quality and entertainment value.

While the game may not offer groundbreaking innovations, its well-rounded performance and enjoyable gameplay make it a worthwhile investment for PlayStation 5 owners. If you're a fan of RPGs and looking for a game that balances tradition with modernity, Trinity Trigger - Day 1 Edition is a solid choice that promises hours of immersive gameplay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Trinity Trigger suitable for all ages? Trinity Trigger is suitable for a wide range of ages. It appeals to both younger players, as seen in the review where a 15-year-old enjoyed playing it, as well as older gamers who appreciate the nostalgic feel of classic RPGs. The game's engaging story and fun gameplay make it enjoyable for a broad audience.

  • Does Trinity Trigger offer multiplayer options? Yes, Trinity Trigger includes multiplayer features that add another layer of enjoyment to the game. Players can team up with friends for cooperative gameplay, enhancing the overall experience. However, some users have reported occasional crashes during multiplayer sessions, which is something to keep in mind.

  • What is the approximate gameplay length of Trinity Trigger? Trinity Trigger offers a substantial gameplay experience, with reviewers mentioning that it can take around 45 hours to complete the game. This length provides players with plenty of content to explore and enjoy, making it a good value for the price.

  • Are there any technical issues with Trinity Trigger? While Trinity Trigger is praised for its visuals, engaging story, and nostalgic gameplay reminiscent of classic RPGs, some users have reported occasional crashes during gameplay. These technical issues can be frustrating, especially when progress is lost, so it's essential to save your game frequently to avoid setbacks.

  • How does Trinity Trigger compare to other RPG games? Trinity Trigger has been likened to classic RPGs like the Mana series, Legend of Mana, and Secret of Mana, as well as Zelda and Diablo. Its mix of engaging storytelling, fun gameplay, and nostalgic elements make it a standout title for fans of the genre.

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