RedThunder One Handed Gaming Keyboard - A Professional and Ergonomic Game Controller


Are you a passionate gamer looking for a compact and portable gaming keyboard? Look no further! The RedThunder One Handed Gaming Keyboard is here to revolutionize your gaming experience. With its ergonomic design, professional features, and stunning RGB backlit, this mini gaming keypad is a must-have for every PC gamer. Whether you're a casual gamer or a pro, this keyboard is designed to enhance your gaming performance. In this comprehensive review, we will dive deep into the features, performance, and customer feedback of the RedThunder One Handed Gaming Keyboard. Let's get started!

Product Description

The RedThunder One Handed Gaming Keyboard is a professional gaming keyboard designed for PC gamers who want to enhance their gaming experience. With its built-in game chip, this keyboard offers a faster response speed of 3ms, ensuring a smooth and fluid gaming performance. It is perfect for game enthusiasts who want to fully enjoy the pleasure of games.

One of the standout features of this keyboard is its macro recording keys. By pressing 'FN+F1' or 'FN+F2', you can easily record your macros. The recording process is simple and straightforward. Just press FN+ESC until the backlit flashes to start recording, enter what you need to record, and then press 'FN+F1' or 'FN+F2' to end recording. Once the macro recording is completed, you can easily output the corresponding content by pressing 'FN+F1' or 'FN+F2'. Additionally, if you want to clear the recording, simply press FN+ESC until the backlit flashes, and then press 'FN+F1' or 'FN+F2'.

The RedThunder One Handed Gaming Keyboard is designed with ergonomics in mind. Its portable and compact size makes it easy to carry and saves space on your desk. The keyboard also features a big wrist-rest, providing you with a comfortable and relaxing gaming experience even during long gaming sessions.

With its RGB backlit, this keyboard adds a touch of style and excitement to your gaming setup. The RGB backlit supports both breath mode and static mode, and you can choose from 7 different colors. Whether you prefer a subtle and calming lighting effect or a vibrant and flashy one, this keyboard has got you covered.

Another great feature of this keyboard is its ease of use. It is driver-free and plug-and-play, making it extremely convenient to set up and use. It is fully compatible with various operating systems including Win10/8/7/Vista/ME/Mac/Linux/IBM.

With its professional gaming features, ergonomic design, and customizable RGB backlit, the RedThunder One Handed Gaming Keyboard is a must-have for any PC gamer looking to elevate their gaming experience.

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Pros and Cons

After thoroughly researching and analyzing the RedThunder One Handed Gaming Keyboard, we have compiled a list of its pros and cons to help you make an informed purchasing decision.


  1. RGB Backlit Appeal: The RedThunder Gaming Keyboard features a visually appealing RGB backlit design that adds a touch of style to your gaming setup. With customizable lighting options, you can personalize the keyboard to suit your preferences and create an immersive gaming atmosphere. The RGB backlighting not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also allows for better visibility in low-light conditions, giving you a competitive edge in intense gaming sessions.

  2. Ergonomic Design: Designed with ergonomics in mind, this gaming keypad offers a comfortable and efficient gaming experience. The compact and portable size of the keyboard ensures that your hand remains in a natural position during gameplay, reducing fatigue and strain. The well-placed keys and intuitive layout provide easy access to essential functions, allowing for seamless gaming performance.

  3. Durable Build Quality: The RedThunder Gaming Keyboard boasts a sturdy and durable construction that can withstand the rigors of intense gaming. The build quality ensures longevity, making it a reliable choice for long-term use. Whether you are a casual gamer or a professional, you can count on this keyboard to deliver consistent performance.


  1. Clicky Keys: Some users may find the keys on the RedThunder Gaming Keyboard to be too clicky for their liking. The tactile feedback may not be suitable for individuals who prefer a quieter typing experience. However, this can be subjective, and it ultimately depends on personal preferences.

  2. Space Bar Size: A few users have mentioned that they would prefer the space bar to be slightly bigger for improved comfort and accuracy. While the size of the space bar may not be a deal-breaker for most users, it is worth considering if you heavily rely on this key during gameplay.

  3. Wrist Rest Comfort: There have been reports of the wrist rest becoming uncomfortable during prolonged gaming sessions. Some users have found the wrist prop to be less supportive and may experience discomfort or fatigue over time. It is important to note that comfort levels may vary depending on individual hand size and positioning.

In conclusion, the RedThunder One Handed Gaming Keyboard offers several compelling features, including its RGB backlit appeal, ergonomic design, and durable build quality. While it may have some drawbacks such as clicky keys, space bar size, and potential wrist rest discomfort, these factors should be considered based on personal preferences and individual needs. Overall, this gaming keypad provides a solid option for gamers looking to enhance their gaming experience with a compact and feature-rich keyboard.

Customer Reviews

The RedThunder One Handed Gaming Keyboard has received an impressive overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from 3111 customer ratings on Amazon. Let's take a closer look at what customers have to say about this gaming keypad.

  • RGB Backlit Appeal (4/5): One customer mentions that the RGB backlit design adds a visually appealing element to the gaming keypad, allowing for customizable lighting. They seem satisfied with this feature, giving it a rating of 4 stars.

  • Buenas cálidas y precio (4/5): Another customer comments positively about the quality and price of the product, giving it a rating of 4 stars.

  • Left-Handed Gamer (5/5): A left-handed customer shares their experience, stating that they appreciate the ability to use a one-handed gaming keypad. They mention growing up alongside the rise of computers and having to use the mouse with their left hand. They give the product a perfect rating of 5 stars.

  • Durable and Reliable (4/5): A customer who bought this gaming keypad for Fortnite expresses satisfaction with its durability and longevity. They mention that it has worked well for the last 10 months with no signs of malfunctioning. They give it a rating of 4 stars.

  • Power Problems Solution (5/5): Another customer shares how this gaming keypad came to their rescue during power problems and a fried graphics card. They seem grateful for its functionality and award it a perfect rating of 5 stars.

  • Laptop Protection (4/5): A customer bought this keypad to protect their laptop's integrated keyboard from constant use. They appreciate the quality of the product but would have preferred a smaller size. They give it a rating of 4 stars.

  • Clickiness and Comfort (4/5): A customer mentions not being a fan of the clickiness of the keys and expresses a desire for a larger space bar. They also find the wrist prop uncomfortable at times. They give it a rating of 4 stars.

  • Arrival Issues (1/5): Unfortunately, one customer received a faulty product with non-functional space, ctrl, and alt keys. They give it a low rating of 1 star.

Overall, the RedThunder One Handed Gaming Keyboard has received mostly positive feedback from customers, with many appreciating its features and durability. However, there have been a few isolated cases of faulty products.


Overall, the RedThunder One Handed Gaming Keyboard offers a range of impressive features that make it a great choice for gamers. The built-in game chip ensures a faster response speed, allowing for a more immersive gaming experience. With its anti-ghosting technology, this keyboard is suitable for almost all PC games. The macro recording keys provide a convenient way to customize your gameplay.

The ergonomic design of the keyboard, including the big wrist rest, allows for comfortable and relaxed gaming sessions. The portable and space-saving design is perfect for gamers on the go. Additionally, the RGB backlit feature with multiple color options adds a visually appealing element to your gaming setup.

While most buyers have had positive experiences with this keyboard, it is worth noting that there have been a few reports of keys not working upon arrival. However, these instances seem to be isolated and can potentially be resolved through customer support.

In conclusion, the RedThunder One Handed Gaming Keyboard offers a professional gaming experience at an affordable price. Its impressive features, ergonomic design, and easy compatibility make it a worthwhile investment for any PC gamer. Despite a few reported issues, this keyboard has received mostly positive feedback from buyers. If you're looking for a compact gaming keyboard that doesn't compromise on functionality, this is definitely worth considering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this gaming keypad compatible with all PCs?

A: Yes, the RedThunder One Handed Gaming Keyboard is compatible with all PCs. It can be easily connected to your computer via USB, ensuring smooth and responsive gameplay.

Q: Can I customize the RGB backlit lighting?

A: Absolutely! The RGB backlit design of this gaming keypad allows you to customize the lighting to suit your preferences. You can choose from a wide range of vibrant colors and effects, creating a visually appealing gaming setup.

Q: Is this keypad suitable for left-handed gamers?

A: Yes, this gaming keypad is designed to cater to the needs of both left-handed and right-handed gamers. Its ergonomic layout ensures comfortable and convenient gameplay, regardless of your dominant hand.

Q: How durable is this gaming keypad?

A: The RedThunder One Handed Gaming Keyboard is built to withstand the rigors of intense gaming sessions. With its high-quality construction, it offers excellent durability, ensuring that it will last for a long time.

Q: Does this gaming keypad have programmable keys?

A: Yes, this gaming keypad features programmable keys that can be customized to meet your specific gaming needs. You can easily assign different functions or macros to each key, providing you with a personalized gaming experience.

Q: Can I use this gaming keypad for other purposes besides gaming?

A: Absolutely! While this gaming keypad is designed with gamers in mind, its compact and portable design makes it suitable for various other applications. Whether you need a mini keyboard for travel, office work, or multimedia control, this keypad has got you covered.

Q: Does this gaming keypad come with a wrist rest?

A: Yes, this gaming keypad comes equipped with a comfortable wrist rest. It provides support and helps reduce fatigue during long gaming sessions, ensuring that you can play for hours without discomfort.

Q: What if I encounter any issues with the product?

A: The RedThunder One Handed Gaming Keyboard comes with a reliable customer support team that is ready to assist you with any concerns or issues you may have. Simply reach out to them, and they will provide you with the necessary assistance to resolve any problems.

Q: Is this gaming keypad suitable for competitive gaming?

A: Yes, this gaming keypad offers excellent responsiveness and precision, making it suitable for competitive gaming. Its compact size and ergonomic design allow for quick and efficient gameplay, giving you an edge over your opponents.

Q: What is the price of this gaming keypad?

A: The RedThunder One Handed Gaming Keyboard is priced at $19.99, offering fantastic value for its features and performance.

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